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9 Lottery Winners Who Felt The Curse Of Being Rich

Most of us talk about all the things we would do with the money if we ever won the lottery, right? I know I do. I think of all of the people I could help, the homes I would buy for my family members, and the cars and clothes and whatever I would be able to have if I wanted them.

Most of us think that it would be the answer to all of our problems. A way to get and stay out of debt. Financial security for us and future generations.

Truthfully, most people who win the lottery don’t know how to adapt to being suddenly wealthy and a lot of them end up going bankrupt.

Sometimes, it’s worse than that.

As soon as you come into money, the greed of your family and friends shows up. You might have distant cousins wanting a loan, sisters and brothers expecting a handout, even strangers wanting a piece of what’s yours.

The people below have all won the lottery and their lives have been the absolute worst ever since.

1. Abraham Shakespeare

This story is literally a Shakespearean tragedy. Abraham Shakespeare was the lucky winner of $30 million. The lump sum ended up being seventeen million. He was known as a generous and kindhearted man and he insisted his newfound wealth wouldn’t change him.

People were well aware of his generous nature and bombarded him with sad tales asking for money. They would even approach him on the street. He would oblige, of course. He was going through the money quickly.

A woman, Dorice Moore, approached him for a different reason. She offered to help him manage the money. He hired her to do so and she q uickly racked up $1 million in fancy cars and swanky vacations.

The shady woman wasn’t satisfied with this, though. She was so greedy she wanted it all. She ended up killing Abraham with two shots in his chest, and she buried him in an empty plot of land. She concocted a story about him leaving town to get a break from everyone always wanting something from him. This story held up for a few months.

People were still receiving texts from him, his son received gifts, and there were sightings of him, all orchestrated by Dorice. An imposter even called his mom pretending to be him, at her request.

His family didn’t buy her story for long, though. They knew she had done something and reported Abraham missing. His body was found by police and Moore was arrested, tried and found guilty of his murder. She’s serving a life sentence in prison for her evil crime.

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2. Urooj Khan

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Urooj Khan won a million dollars ($425,000 after lump sum deduction) and was thrilled! His plans for the money were wonderful. He planned to donate to a hospital for children and use some to bolster his business.

After attending a press conference typical after a lottery win, Khan went home and enjoyed a lovely Indian meal with his wife, daughter and father in law.

Later, he began to feel unwell, so he retired to his bed early. Sometime in the night, he awoke in tremendous pain and couldn’t stand. After he collapsed, his wife called 911 and he was taken to a hospital, where he passed away the following day.

His death was ruled as being caused by heart disease. Khan’s brother was not convinced, however, and an autopsy was ordered. The autopsy revealed that there was a deadly amount of cyanide in Urooj’s blood.

Unfortunately, police have been unable to determine who murdered Mr. Khan

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3. Andrew Whittaker Jr.

After taxes and a lump sum penalty, Andrew Whittaker’s $314 million ended up being $113 million. Not a bad payday by any means!

Immediately, he started doing good deeds with his lottery winnings, donating millions to church and he even started a charity focused on helping people find jobs, buy groceries and go to school.

The letters asking for help started pouring in. He hired three people just to open mail. They worked over 8 hours a day opening letters.

People even began to come right to his house. They came every day with their sad tales of hardship and financial problems. Some of them would become angry if they were rejected, and would go so far as to threaten his family. Some even sued him in bogus lawsuits. He had to spend more than $3 million dollars defending himself in hundreds of them.

His stress grew so bad that he began blowing off steam
By visiting strip clubs and gambling. Once, at the club, he had a briefcase with over half a million dollars in it and was drugged so it could be stolen. It was later found.

His generosity extended to his teenaged granddaughter, Brandi. The exorbitant amount of money he gave her all at one time made her very attractive to drug dealers. Unfortunately. She became addicted to drugs, and sent to rehab. It didn’t work. She went missing a couple of years after her rehab stay, and she was found dead, her body covered in a tarp. There were illegal substances in her system.

Her death led to much stress and turmoil within his marriage, and then a few years later, their only child, 42 year old Ginger (Brandi’s mother) was found dead.

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