17 Post Proving That Kids’ Misconceptions Of The World Are Always Hilarious

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Ah, the beauty of being a kid is incomparable to anything else! Those are the times when you only get to live with little to no responsibilities! There is always someone to take care of things for you, and you only need to have fun and explore the world. This is another perk of childhood – you get to experience and learn a ton of new things on a daily basis. The moments a kid tries to find an explanation about a certain object or a situation without actually knowing what is going on are always curious and funny to see, and some of the best examples are listed below!

1. This is something we totally accept

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The interesting part about a kid not being aware of something is the fact they try to explain it in some way, probably because they do not want to look embarrassed about not knowing what it really was. In this case, a boy had no idea that the strange bird he was looking at was called an owl, so he simply named it a ‘wood penguin’ and this is by far the most accurate name one could give an owl!

2. This is a perfect example of how kids’ logic works

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This is actually a funny story that sounds like a joke, but it apparently happened for real. This kid’s parents probably did not find the situation funny at all, but it all ended well, which is the important thing. This person, however, had some fun because of the short conversation between him and the boy that was actually missing. The kid heard the announcement about the missing boy but it never occurred to him that he was the one they were looking for! Self-awareness is something he probably learned on a later basis.

3. It appears that this kid needs to learn quite a few things about tattoos

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We have never thought about this before, but it kind of makes sense for a kid to be confused when they see a tattoo for the first time! In this case, one girl saw her aunt’s tats for the first time but she did not say a thing. Later, however, things became a bit awkward because the aunt was asked the funniest possible question! She probably had to explain what tattoos really were and that they are not meant to be replaced on a daily or a weekly basis like some kind of accessory.

4. This is one way to answer such a question

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We are more than sure that most of you are aware that asking a kid a certain question is definitely a recipe for some fun times ahead, as kids often com up with the best and funniest answers. This tweet suggests an example of that. The toddler obviously had no idea about weight measurements and he simply replied in a way we could definitely accept as an accurate one, but it all depends on the size of the squirrels, of course!

5. Now this is something that required a lot of thought

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This is just a reminder that kids should definitely not be underestimated when it comes to creativity! And we don’t mean creativity in terms of art, but rather ingenious ways to get out of a sticky situation! In this case, one of the kids at home ate a chicken win and knew that it would be noticed, so something had to be done! As you can see, the replacement is more than obvious, but it is the idea behind it that counts!

6. Here is another case of good intentions that ended up in an unexpected way

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We guess that a pair of headphones is a small price to pay considering the lesson the kid learned here. The fact that a toddler was thoughtful enough to try and protect his father’s headphones is something worth mentioning, because the intentions were good here. The plan, however, involves an unusual technique and we know for sure that electronic devices are not to be kept in plastic bags of water, which was the lesson this boy learned after the whole ordeal.

7. This is the beauty of being a kid

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Remember when we mentioned that the best part of childhood is discovering new things all the time? well, this it what we are talking about! This clever kid was probably curious enough for his mom to buy him books and he obviously liked reading them, but this particular book contained a valuable piece of information for him. He discovered that bats existed, and the reason why he thought they were not real is unknown to us!

8. This is a really accurate comparison

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It appears that the human race is superior in all kinds of ways to other species and this is one really long list that we are not going to dig into now. However, there are many things that are more or less puzzling and they give us doubts about how we even got there in the first place. This tweet suggests one simple but brilliant example. While animals are able to thrive on their own from an early age in most cases, humans are definitely like that. The kid who failed to find their lunch box must have been still sleepy or really confused!

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9. Parents need to put up with this all the time

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We cannot believe that some parents are able to completely ignore such episodes and act as if it is something normal. They must have nerves of steel! However, this is how life goes and you need to either be stressed all the time or to put up with this in a reasonable way by simply not paying attention. Kids can get upset about literally nothing and this situation proves that. Nobody could steal air like this but both kids are not aware of that.

10. Here is another brilliant example of a kid with a huge misconception about a certain thing

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This is actually something that you might find to be a just a bit reasonable, but given the reasons why this person became upset many years ago has nothing to do with reality! While a dog’s year is equal to seven human years, the dog would not stop loving the family kids because of some kind of an age gap, of course. It sounds really funny, though.

11. Here is a question that is actually reasonable

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Well, it is reasonable if you are just a kid, we guess! It is nothing but a demonstration of how a kid’s logic works. First of all, the fact that the kid actually tried to open the bottle earlier is the reason why child safety locks and caps exist in the first place. Second, the bottle had no way of knowing who wanted to open it, of course, but this is not the point here. The point is that the kid understood something completely different.

12. Teacher often have a really fun time with their students

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If you are a teacher or you happen to have someone close who is teaching kids, then you definitely know that it is a hard job to do, but there is one really rewarding perk related to it, and these two images suggest what it is. Seeing the things kids write when doing a test or their homework is something equally puzzling and hilarious, especially when they misinterpret the assignment!

13. Now this is what parenting is all about

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You need to read this tweet a few times a day in order to have the slightest idea of what it is like to be a parent! This toddler threw a temper tantrum over something ridiculous, and you can believe us that there is no way to explain to him that getting inside the oven is impossible!

14. We could imagine this one

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It definitely seems that toddlers often replace our reality with their own and they simply do things on their own terms! In this case, one girl saw no particular reason why not take a bite of a bath bomb, and we cannot blame her, because these things smell delicious!

15. Mood swings are frequent when you are a toddler

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In fact, they can happen in a blink of an eye, and this kid did just that! She wanted her dad to play with her and clearly explained the rules, but she did not like how it felt, we guess!

16. This boy was probably convinced he did what it takes for Santa to receive the letter

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Of course, this letter was not supposed to go inside the heater vent, but this is not something a toddler is aware of! We hope his parents played along and did not ruin the whole thing for him!

17. Now this one is hilarious to see


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Talking about misconceptions, this must be the best on the list! This kid had no idea that they played against different teams every time they entered the field!

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