A 17-Year-Old Fired From Walmart Managed To Steal More Than $30,000 From Three Stores

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A teenager from Oklahoma was fired from his job at the local Walmart for allegedly stealing money. The 17-year-old boy, whose name the police is not allowed to reveal due to his age, was forced to leave his job, because he got caught stealing. Apparently he wasn’t done with Walmart . On Black Friday 2014 the teen put his uniform on and went to another store of the retail chain located in the area and told the staff he was sent there from another Walmart in order to help them. He knew all the policies, because he had an experience working in Walmart and was familiar with all of their procedures and so on.

The young man must have been very convincing, because no one doubted his words and he was put at the cash register. After “working” there for about six hours, the boy left with all the money he made which was approximately $3,000.

Even though the police was notified about the incident once the first store manager realized what happened, the sneaky teenager managed to get into a second Walmart, this time pretending to be a general manager of another store. Under the pretense that he was running some audits, the boy was let into the cash room where he managed to steal approximately $24,000. He even hugged the real manager on his way out and wished him a great day.

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However, the third time wasn’t the charm for the teen as he was taken into custody while trying to pull a scam No. 3.

He is currently in jail and the authorities are hoping he could be charged as an adult in which case they would release his name as well as the surveillance video tapes. Unfortunately for Walmart, the boy has already spent all the money and there is not way he can give it back.

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Editor’s note:

In a case like that it’s always a good idea to question a new employee. The kid was confident and nobody saw it coming. My personal opinion is that if you see a new “general manager” coming to help just start asking questions. A lot of questions. Listen very careful what the guy will say and analyze if. The liars will often get confused and will not answer the question itself or as a defence mechanism they will ask you a question.

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