A 7-Year-Old Boy Literally “Froze To Death” After Being Left Outside His House All Night Long

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Hakeem Hussain, a 7-year-old boy froze to death after being left outside of his home on Cook Street, Birmingham, UK. The boy died, because of cardiac arrest.

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The official West Midlands Police confirmed that on Sunday morning they have received a call. When the police officers and paramedics arrived they saw a young boy. The paramedics did their best, but unfortunately it was too late. All they could do is pronounce him dead at the scene. They do believe that the pupil suffered hypothermia and cardiac arrest.

According to Daily Mail his 35-years-old mother Laura Heath, who lives with her 56-years-old uncle, were taken into custody a little after 7.30 Sunday morning. They are suspected of wilfully ill-treating and neglecting the little boy. At the moment both, the mother and her uncle, are bailed out until the investigation is closed. They were questioned about the weird circumstances the child passed away.

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The mother refused to talk in front of reporters, but his aunt, named Aroosa Kausa, agreed. Ms. Kausa stated that his mother and his father really miss him and they should be left alone, because a lot of people are accusing her of neglecting her child.

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They moved in 2 weeks ago and were always smiling

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According to their neighbours they family just moved in their new house located on Cook Street two weeks ago and the little kid was always smiling and looked pretty healthy and well fed. Their neighbours overall opinion is that they looked pretty happy and were always quiet.

Hakeem’s teacher wrote a letter to his mom stating that the whole school is really sorry for her loss and they will miss the little boy very much. She also stated in her letter that the whole school will support her, because they know how difficult it is for a mother to lose her one and only child.

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Editor’s note:

I am not too sure if the police did the right thing to arrest the mother and her uncle, but according to their neighbours they took a good care of the kid and this is neglecting is something they will never do.

Please keep in mind that there is ongoing investigation and more information is expected!

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