A boy who was a girl fell in love with a girl who was a boy

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In dreams and in love everything is possible. Another proof of this is the young teenage couple Arin Andrews and Katie Hill, from Oklahoma. The couple met at a support group for transgender teens. They look like any normal young couple and it is hard to believe that a few years ago Arin was a girl and Katie was a boy.

In their early childhood both knew they were different and their bodies didn’t show their true nature. Their parents also noticed that Arin and Katie didn’t behave like other children of their age and sex.
Both had problems at school because of their unusual behavior.

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Katie Hills, who was a boy, named Luke went through surgical procedure to change her gender. Her boyfriend – Arin, who was a girl, called Emerald also went through surgical procedure to change his gender. He also removed his breasts and in later interview he said that he had never felt better. He said:

”Now I can wear a tank top, which I couldn’t before, I can go swimming shirtless, I can walk outside, I can just be a regular guy now. I hated my breasts, I always felt like they didn’t belong – now I can finally be comfortable in my own body.”

Now they both are happy together, because they are in love and feel great in their own bodies.

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