A Female Student Aged 12 Is In Custody After Shooting Two 15-year-olds in LA

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A female student has been arrested today, the 1st of February, in Los Angeles. This occurred, according to authorities, after two teenagers were shot in a school classroom.

Shortly before nine in the morning, gunfire erupted in the city’s Westlake neighborhood’s school.
The injured students were a 15-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl. The female student is in “fair condition”, while the male student is in “critical” condition.

A woman, 30, was also injured as a result of the incident, but that did not happen as a result of a gunshot. It was apparently a relatively minor injury.

Television footage depicted a girl wearing a sweatshirt—with dark hair—being led out of the Los Angeles-area school while wearing handcuffs.

Image Source: KTLA

A gun has reportedly been recovered, and local media says the situation is under control—now that the suspect is in custody. The call for help to emergency services came first from Salvador B. Castro Middle School; however, as the students involved in the situation appear to be of high school age, it is unclear if the shooting actually occurred there. That middle school happens to share a campus with a high school known as Belmont High School.

Image Source: KTLA

The shooting occurred today, so there are few details. According to Sergeant Edward Bernal, who represents the police department for the Los Angeles School District, the boy who was shot was transported to a trauma center.

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Image Source: KTLA

At the intersection near the school, police cars could be seen blocking off traffic; parents, understandably concerned about the safety of their children, gathered nearby and talked on their cellular phones as they waited for information regarding their sons and daughters.

One mother named Gloria Echeverria, who waited outside of a line of police table, said that she was waiting for news on her 13-year-old son. She said that she was hoping it had nothing to do with him, adding that she’s “scared for all of the kids”. As she put it: school is supposed to be a safe place for children, but it apparently is not.

We’re only a month into 2018, but there have actually been about a dozen school shootings in the United States of America. In the past five years or so, there have been about 300 school shootings in the United States, which means there has been about one a week. Fortunately, not all of the shootings have resulted in a death or deaths.

Recently—just late last month—there was a shooting at a Kentucky High School. A 15-year-old student went on a rampage, and the end result was two dead students. In addition, about a dozen were injured.

Just a day before, in Texas, a teenaged boy shot a teenaged girl in the cafeteria of their school. The boy was using a semi-automatic handgun, and he was taken into custody.

On that same day, someone in a truck driving by a high school in New Orleans shot towards students in a parking lot during lunch time. One student ended up being sent to the hospital due to a superficial injury.
Early in January of this year, there were multiple gun-related incidents at schools across the United States. For example, a 14-year-old boy was found dead due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Sierra Vista, Arizona. He was found in a school bathroom. This occurred on January 9th.

On January 6th, a man in his 30’s fired a pellet gun at a school bus; he was arrested, and happily no children were physically harmed. However, one of the windows on the bus was shattered.
On January 4th of this year in Burien, Washington, there were shots fired outside of a school into the school’s administrative office. Fortunately, no one was harmed.

On January 3rd of this year, a man who was 31 years old shot and killed himself in a school parking lot in St. John’s, Michigan. This took place after hours of negotiation with law enforcement. The man who killed himself was actually the one who called the police; he reportedly had a handgun and was considered suicidal.

Why there have been so many school-related shootings this year is anybody’s guess, but is most definitely a very alarming trend, and we certainly wish they would stop. All we can really do right now, though, is hope that those injured in the most recent shooting recover quickly and fully. We also hope that the families and friends of those injured recover swiftly from what was obviously a shocking and unexpected occurrence.

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