A Guy Photoshopped Himself Into These 15 Celebrity Photos And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Image Source: Instagram

You probably haven’t seen a lot of celebrities hanging out with average people, and that’s because they simply don’t do it. However, they all make an exception for one man, and his name is Robert Van Impe, mostly known as Average Rob. The Belgium man is anything but average, actually; he is both a comedian and a digital artist, and has graduated from the Coventry University with a Master’s degree in Advertising and Marketing.

Average Bob has released the next dose of his pretty realistic ‘meetings’ with famous faces and they look just like the real deal, except they’re not. The photos you’re about to see are far better than any expensive and stupid photo shoot you could find in a shiny magazine.

1. Everyone wants to be in Ryan Reynolds’ arms

Image Source: Average Rob

Rob nailed it with this one for sure! Everyone knows what a fun guy Reynolds is and he probably laughed hard when he saw this image. We are sure that he would carry Rob around for real if he has the chance to.

2. Rob gave a reason for Kanye to make that face

Image Source: Average Rob

Check out the dad bod! Rob outdid himself with this image. It looks really natural and the annoyed expression on Kanye West’s face matches perfectly with the end result of Rob’s work. We wonder if the rapper had the chance to see this.

3. Someone’s been a bad boy

Image Source: Average Rob

Peter Parker was probably furious at Rob for something. Seeing Spiderman holding a man by his underpants is a rare sight; in fact, it’s the only time that you could see him doing it. Like the first two pictures, this also looks too realistic.

4. Three is a crowd, apparently

Image Source: Average Rob

This has got to be one of the best pieces of Rob’s work. He blends in a really natural-looking way between Brad and Jolie. However, he looks happier than both of them, and maybe they knew that they were going to split up eventually, who knows.

5. Being Obama’s best buddy is quite enviable

Image Source: Average Rob

Rob seems to be where he belongs in this photo. Just some old buddies hanging around and having a few laughs for old times’ sake – this is the feeling you get from the photo. Rob’s skills are truly amazing.

6. Good friends take care of each other

Image Source: Average Rob

It appears that David Beckham is a bit cold an annoyed, and Rob is there to help his friend. You can see the way he looks at David – he really cares and is there for him! Well done, Rob.

7. Jay-Z would not be happy about this

Image Source: Average Rob

While it’s totally hilarious, this image is rather intimate, and with the realistic appearance of Rob’s addition of himself, it might just be able to fool somebody. However, if Beyoncé already saw this, she probably found it to be funny rather than creepy.

8. Rob is performing with Lady Gaga, which is a lot of people’s dream

Image Source: Average Rob

The terrified look on his face is absolutely appropriate for the scene, but except for the ridiculous outfit, there is one detail that had us rolling on the floor. Did you notice the slippers?

9. Miley Cyrus’s slave

Image Source: Average Rob

Now this is a proper pet to have. Rob looks really into it, and he seems ready to obey every command of his master. Some may find this to be too much, but it’s brilliant.

10. Bieber seems to be taking the cold easier than Rob does

Image Source: Average Rob

While they both look quite good in their boxer shorts, Rob seems to be unhappy and frustrated about standing barefoot in the cold. Justin Bieber seems to be enjoying himself, though.

11. Who is real and who is digitally added here?

Image Source: Average Rob

You can stare at this photo as long as you want, but Rob looks better and more naturally positioned than Katy Perry. Enjoying yourself in the pool is the thing to do, not striking a pose.

12. This is the kind of thing Ellen would appreciate

Image Source: Average Rob

Now that’s talent! Why not light your gas live on Ellen’s show in front of millions of viewers? If you do it gloriously, you’ll definitely get your few minutes of fame. And Ellen seems to be enjoying herself, so the photo looks perfectly normal.

13. Rob, Bruno Mars and the rubber duckling

Image Source: Average Rob

This is definitely one of the best images on this list. It may raise a few eyebrows, but that would only mean that Rob did a good job here. It seems like they are really having fun, but we wonder if the duckling was there before the digital artist tampered with the picture?

14. Rihanna seems to not notice him at all

Image Source: Average Rob

Rob clearly wants something here, but it’s unclear whether it’s Rihanna he wants, her bag of chips or he just wants to get out of there. This would be the perfect poster for a hilarious ad, and the marketing companies should take notes.

15. Connor McGregor is in a bit of trouble

Image Source: Average Rob

Wow, Rob is really furious in this one, and Mr. McGregor is about to get uncomfortable. What was he thinking when he sat on the hood of Rob’s expensive car? Now he must face the consequences and he better pray that Rob doesn’t get out of the vehicle.

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