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A Husband Takes A Road Trip With His Wife, And These 10 Pictures Documenting It Are Amusing

Image Source: Reddit / MrMagoo21

A Redditor named MrMagoo21 recently took a road trip with his wife, and he decided to document the experience. The gallery he compiled is hilarious and also sort of adorable—as all she apparently did on the road trip is nap.

She might have been awake at certain points, but the Redditor did not take pictures of those moments.

According to the husband, his wife is pretty passionate about her napping, and he compared her behavior on the road trip to something of a “Pavlov’s Dogs” situation.

His wife used to get car sickness as a child, so her mother would give her daughter motion sickness medicine; that medicine tended to knock her out. He figures that his wife has been trained—subliminally, of course—to fall asleep when she hears the sound of a running engine.

If you are not familiar with Pavlov’s Dogs, the term refers to something called “classical conditioning”, which is a foundation of the school of psychology known as behaviorism. The best known work regarding classical conditioning was done by a Nobel prize-winning physiologist named Ivan Pavlov. In a nutshell, he studied the salivation rates of dogs as they eventually came to associate a sound with food.

The Redditor’s wife came to associate the sound of an engine with naptime, apparently—at least according to her husband.

Here are more pictures of the trip.

1. Here She Is—Napping

Image Source: Reddit

The woman’s necklace is nice, and the guy’s shirt is cool. You kind of have to wonder when he took this picture, right? You should not take selfies when you drive.

2. The Wife Is Napping Again, And She Is Really Out

Image Source: Reddit

The wife is sound asleep, and so is her furry companion. The animal seems to be enjoying a bit of downtime with one of its owners.

3. The Wife Braided Her Hair Before She Decided to Take a Nap

Image Source: Reddit

You have to wonder why she braided her hair for the road trip considering she is sleeping right through it, but it is a good look on her. Considering the husband’s attire and the sunglasses, it must have been a warm, sunny day.

4. The Picture of the Snoring Wife

Image Source: Reddit

In this image, the wife is clearly snoring, which probably means she has been out for a bit. It looks like the husband is trying not to smile. He clearly finds the whole situation very amusing.

5. Another Picture of the Snoring Wife

Image Source: Reddit

The wife also looks like she could be snoring in this image. Once again, her furry friend appears to be napping with its owner.

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6. The One Where She Might Be Looking at Her Husband

Image Source: Reddit

In this image, it almost looks like the wife might be staring at her husband behind her sunglasses. Could she be irritated that he is taking so many pictures of her?

7. The One Where The Furry Friend Is Awake

Image Source: Reddit

I am relatively sure that is a dog, but I can’t be one hundred percent sure. It definitely looks fluffy and cuddly. You have to wonder if it is thinking to itself about the fact one of its owners can’t seem to stay awake for any length of time. The animal looks bored, honestly. People claim that dogs can’t express emotion with their faces, but they definitely can.

8. The One Where It Is Nighttime

Image Source: Reddit

The husband may look mildly irritated in this shot, but he can’t really complain about his wife sleeping at night. Everyone needs to sleep once in a while, after all, and night time is when most of us sleep. He probably could have used company, though, to help him stay awake.

9. The One Where The Wife Appears to be Glaring at the Camera

Image Source: Reddit

This image is fun because it really does sort of look like the wife is glaring at the camera. Has she finally grown tired of being photographed by her partner in life?

10. The One With the Matching T-Shirts

Image Source: Reddit

In this image, the husband and wife duo appear to be wearing matching t-shirts. That begs the question: why? Where exactly did they go to get the garments? Was the choice to match intentional on their part? We might never know the answers to those questions.

Believe it or not, there are actually more pictures out there of this road trip. The wife is asleep in all of them.

If the wife genuinely does get car sick, you can’t help but feel for her. Motion sickness is pretty common, and it can also get pretty extreme. Typically, women are more prone to motion sickness; it impacts roughly one-third of all people.

There are a number of ways to cope with motion sickness; one suggestion, if the motion sickness is the result of being in a moving vehicle, is simply to look out the window or gaze towards the horizon on the direction being traveled. There are several medicines, both over-the-counter and prescription, which help alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness.

The husband looks a bit irritated in a couple of the images, but I’m sure he was just trying to have a laugh. Wherever they went and whatever they did, I hope they had a fun time.

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