A Man Spilled A Magnum Bottle Of Champagne Worth More Than $42,000 In An Ibiza Nightclub

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There are a lot of ways to impress people, and one of them is to order a magnum of fine champagne. A man did just that in fancy Spain nightclub, where a large bottle of good champagne can cost tens of thousands of Euros in high-end clubs. In this case, the bottle is estimated to have cost roughly 30,000 Euros. In American dollars, that’s over $42,000.
The club where this all transpired is located in Ibiza.

The video ended up on the club’s Facebook page.

The man, snappily dressed in a very expensive-looking suit, dropped the very expensive bottle of booze, spilling it all over the place. A crowd had gathered to watch him open the magnum, and he was clearly the star of the high-class club for a bit there. As he goes to pop the cork, though, he struggles a bit and the large bottle slips out of his hands and towards the floor.

As it was a bottle worth ~$42,000 USD, people obviously tried to save it, but to no avail. Onlookers were too busy record the scene. The bottle smashed upon the floor, with the costly liquid ending up all over the place. The champagne also got over the purchaser’s suit. Onlookers were clearly horrorstruck.

The unnamed man who purchased the bottle definitely looked distressed. Even if you can afford an insanely expensive bottle of champagne, that’s still a pretty princely sum to lose.

That said, the onlookers probably have a much better story about the evening at the club than they otherwise would have had if man who bought it didn’t drop it—and instead merely offered them a glass!

The particular brand of champagne in the magnum has not been named.
While ~$42,000 USD Euros can buy you a very nice car and seems like a lot to spend on a big old bottle of champagne, people have spent a lot more on liquor.

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For example, Bombay Sapphire Revolution is a gin that costs a couple hundred thousands of dollars. Of course, the truly unique bottle is decorated with sapphires and diamonds, so the price tag sort of makes sense if you like to decorate your home with liquor bottles. The Dalmore 62 will cost you over $200,000.

The most expensive bottle of alcohol may be a tequila called Paison Azteca, and it could set you back over 3 million dollars. The bottle is the reason for the cost, however. The right bottle is decorated with over 6,000 diamonds. Apparently the tequila itself is little more than 6-year-old tequila. Also, good luck finding one at a local shop. You actually have to pay people to find the bottles for you now.

Could you imagine dropping one of those bottles? ~$42,000 USD don’t seem so bad in comparison.

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Even beer can be insanely expensive. There are bottles that’ll set you back well over $1,000, of course they’re only really available at auction. The most expensive bottle of beer, which was brewed for an Antarctic expedition way back in 1875, actually sold for over half a million dollars. Believe it or not, over 50 people placed bids on that bottle, which is probably completely and totally undrinkable.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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