A Man Sued Bank Of America For $1,784 Billion,Trillion Dollars Because Of Rejected Checks

Image Source: Reuters

Bank of America ( BOFA ) is an american financial corporation which HQ are situated in Charlotte, NA. According to the latest statistics BOFA is the 2nd largest bank in United Stated Of America. It’s total assets are estimated to $2.187 trillion (2016 stats). At the moment one of the biggest shareholder is Berkshire Hathaway who owns around 7.09%.

During the 103 years of existence a lot of people have tried to sue the Bank in order to earn some easy money. Unfortunately for them almost nobody succeeded and can definitely say nobody who tried to get a bigger than normal sum. The perfect example is the current guy who tried to sue the bank for so much money.

Suing Bank of America is some serious business. But when you file the biggest lawsuit ever known to mankind and not give exact reasons for it seriousness transforms into hilarity.

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According to reports, Dalton Chiscolm filed a humongous lawsuit against the board of Bank of America demanding “1,784 billion, trillion dollars”. Furthermore, court papers revealed that he demanded additional $200,164,000 for unclear reasons. U.S. District Judge Denny Chin, who had been assigned to Dalton’s incredible case, described the whole lawsuit as incomprehensible. According to the judge, Dalton’s checks had been rejected by the bank due to incomplete routing numbers which could have angered him enough to file the ridiculous law suit. But Dalton himself couldn’t explain the exact reason behind his actions.

However, this wasn’t Dalton’s first lawsuit for a huge stack of money. Allegedly, he sued his landlord the year before he filed the suit against the bank. According to reports from Daily Finance, Dalton demanded $892 quadrillion from his landlord. Of course, the court had to dismiss his lawsuit since it wasn’t quite clear what exactly the landlord had done to infuriate Dalton.

H/T: Reuters

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