A Man Tried To Rob Liquor Store, But Started A Shootout With Armed Mother And Daughter

When a man attempted to rob a family owned liquor store, he didn’t get what he went for. He almost lost his life.

When 36 year old Tyrone Lee entered Forest Acres Liquor Store, brandishing a sawed off shotgun, and demanded money from the register, the two women on duty handled it.

Tina Ring and Ashley Lee, a mother and daughter, aged 53 and 30, respectively, gave him the money, but then took matters into their own hands.

Both women pulled out a handgun and proceeded to shoot Lee as he attempted to get away from the store.

Tulsa Police Sergeant Brandon Watkins said they shot him many times, and he still kept coming for them.

He got Tina’s gun eventually and hit her with it, all while Ashley kept shooting him.

Finally, he acquiesced and left to drive himself to the emergency room. He was hit several times. When he arrived, the doctors put him in a coma.

When he was woken up and had healed enough, he was arrested for the robbery, and for driving with no license.

His mugshot shows him wearing a neck brace and you can see bandages all over his face.

Image Source: Tulsa County Jail

Tina also had a few small injuries from the scuffle, but was treated and released.

Tyrone is also said to be tied to many other crimes and is in jail on a million dollar bond. He will have his appearance in court on Thursday, March 8th.

In the footage captured by the store surveillance cameras, the women are shown cooperating with Lee, and letting him get the money from the till.

He is clearly seen, wearing a hoodie, taking money from the register. Amy is shown letting him empty the till with her hands up.

As he tried to get away, the ladies activated the security system, trapping him in the store. This is when they revealed the pistols they had hidden beneath the counter.

This photo shows Tina firing at the robber, Evan as he keeps trying to come towards her.

He wrestles Tina, and manages to get her gun, which is now empty of ammo. He strikes her with it.

The security system actually malfunctioned, locking him inside the store, rather than between the inner and outer doors, as it was designed to do.

Once he realized what had happened, he charged the women and that’s when they opened fire on him.

Tina got a shot in, point blank, and two more just after, as he tried to get away from her. As this was happening, Ashley called the police.

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Image Source: Facebook

Mother and daughter saved themselves and managed to keep their money when they handled a robbery like pros!

Image Source: Facebook

Tina’s motivation was to protect her daughter from harm. The robber seemed to be without his weapon at one point in the tape, and was charging the two women, when Tina shot him in the leg, causing him to lean over in obvious pain.

Ashley found herself in a predicament when he got her mother’s gun. She didn’t want to shoot anyone, but she had to protect her mother. She couldn’t let him hurt her mom.

Image Source: DRN

This is the store, Forest Acres Liquor, where the mother and daughter fought off Tyrone Lee.

Image Source: Tulsa Police Department

A hole in the glass that occurred when a stray bullet went through the window glass.

After he took Tina’s gun and realized it was empty, he stumbled to the ground behind the register, where he had some trouble getting up before he finally did and was able to make it outside to his vehicle.

The owner of the store, Justin Christian, is the 33 year old brother of Amy, and son of Tina. He was in another town at the time of the incident. He’s proud that his family did what they needed to do to thwart the robber.

They said this store feeds their family and they weren’t going to let anyone scare them into not protecting it.

The family of Tyrone Lee said they didn’t recognize who he had become. His aunt, Corean Lee said he was not in his right mind, and she didn’t know what he was on when this happened.

She added that she raised him from five years on and he did have schizophrenia and a seizure disorder.

He apparently has apologized to the family who owns the store.

Image Source: DRN

Police in the area say he is the perpetrator for sure, and that he is wanted for many other robberies in the area as well.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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