A Polish Girl Woke Up During Brain Surgery And Asked The Doctor “How Is It Going?”

According to the Daily Mirror, a 19-year-old girl from Poland woke up in the middle of her brain surgery and asked the doctor if everything was fine.

According to the doctors she woke up in the middle of the surgery right after the anesthetics were off. Her brain was exposed, but the doctors said that her life wasn’t jeopardized. They even stated that she didn’t feel any pain or anything and was pretty happy talking to them. She also couldn’t see anything thanks to the surgical¬†draping.

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Image Source: Mirror

After the operation a special unit of investigators began investigating whether the anesthetics were properly applied or not. According to some specialist she woke up, because of the surgery. That kind of brain surgery involves stimulating a particular part of the brain which is responsible for being asleep and it’s possible to wake up despite the anesthetics.

During the friendly chat she talked about stuff that she loves and especially cats. She also asked the doctors about progress report. At first they were shocked, but a little later they realized that it will be better if they just keep chatting until the procedure was done.

The girl herself doesn’t remember anything, but she’s willing to believe that she woke up, because there was no other way the doctors and nurses could knew about the things she love.

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