A Woman Destroyed Her Landlord’s White BMW After He Asked Her To Leave His Place

Who is is she and how it all began

Dalina Pop, a 34 years old theatre student of Romanian descent currently living in New York, literally destroyed her landlord’s white BMW, after he threw her out of his place. She was renting an apartment from Ovace Miller and she obviously wasn’t full with joy, when he asked her to leave the property. This happened two years ago, on august 5th, 2015.

Dalina Pop. Source: Linkedin

The crime

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Unfortunately, her landlord’s vehicle – a white bmw was parked outside the building, so Pop decided to make her sweet revenge and sprayed all over it, causing £17,000 worth of damage. The car was discovered by it’s owner and was sprayed with black and red paint with words and phrases like “r*pist”, “no means no” and “liar”. There were even some racial slurs on it – “arab” written on the top of it. Miller had to pay £17,000 to get his brand new BMW 6 series repainted.

Dalina Pop turned herself in 4 days after the accident. She was charged with criminal damage, but was cleared of the more serious charge – racially motivated criminal damage after a short trial at Southwark Crown Court. She claimed that she didn’t write the word “Arab” on top of the car, as she knew that her landlord is of Persian origin and there are a differences between Arabs and Persians she is familiar with. Dalina admitted to have sprayed the words “rapist” onto her landlord’s car because in her words he invaded her private space and her body. She claimed that three months before the happening she even got an email from Miller in which he threatened to destroy her future. And he did. She will get her sentence on 20th November this year.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below – Do you approve what she did or you think she totally deserves a tough sentence and of course to pay for the damages she caused?

Written by Sven Miller

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