A woman faked her own death in order to escape from a bad date

Some dates are bad, others are worse. And by the looks of it, this woman had the absolute worst date of her life.

Ann Gray, a 29 year old woman from Somerset, UK, had some troubles with a stalker a few years ago. Ann met the man in question on a dating website and, after several dates, decided that he wasn’t the one for her. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite get the message. The woman tried to drop hints and when that didn’t work, told him straight up that they were finished. However, the guy still didn’t leave her alone. She thought that the fact that they were from different cities would stop him from coming after her, but it didn’t. One evening the man even texted her he was going to wait in front of her home. Ann couldn’t think of anything else except to lie to him, so she pretended she was seriously sick and in hospital and that it was her sister who was replying to his text message. The man didn’t want to go away even after Ann’s “sister” told him that he couldn’t see her and that she was seriously ill. So when he texted that he was in front of the hospital and about to walk in, Ann simply texted him that she had died the night before.
He eventually learned the truth, but everything turned out well: Ann is alive, healthy and engaged – to someone else.



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