A Woman Got Her Eyeball Tattooed And This Is How She Looks Now

This woman got her white of the eye tattooed. Now she is at risk of permanently losing her vision.

People love body modifications – piercing, tattoos (facial or body), tongue splitting – we’ve all seen or even have such modification. I personally love my tattoos and my gf tongue piercing. These body modifications are harmless if you do everything right. Some people get it to the extreme and tattoo even their sclera, can you believe this?

This is what Catt Gallinger, a 24 years old woman from Ottawa, did. She was a maniac when it goes to the purple color, so she decided to put some pinkness in the white of her right eye. So she asked her now ex, who is a tattoo artist, to perform the procedure.

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What the guy did was to inject the pink ink right into her eye, but he didn’t do it right, so soon after that her eye got infected and she had to go to the hospital with a puffy eye, which she wasn’t able to even open! She was prescribed some medications and sent home, but it didn’t work, so she had to go again and again while the infection got worse. Тhe doctors even told Catt that she might even permanently lose the vision of the infected eye.

Catt Gallinger took it all to social media and shared her story. According to her, the thing that caused the infection, was her ex-boyfriend who didn’t do the job right. He used a way too large needle and didn’t use saline. Catt even made a life video broadcast, where she explained that her ex lied that he is experienced and knows what he is doing. She admits that she believed him and let him tattoo her eye.

Two weeks ago, in a series of photos on her profile, Catt showed the whole world images of her infected eye saying that she is on medications now and her eye hurts a lot, she has a blurry and sometimes blurry vision, but the pain is slightly going away.

We wish her fast recovery!

Written by Patrick Bennet

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