A Woman Hit And Dumped Popcorn On A 2-year-old Girl At A Movie Theater For Being Noisy

Image Source: Nassau County PD

Going to the movie theater should be a pleasant experience, but there’s a good reason a lot of us stay home and wait for the movies we want to see end up on Netflix. Ticket prices are high, after all, and when you add in the cost of a beverage and a snack, you’re often better off just watching movies in your living room when they become available.

When you do make it a point to go out to the movies, though, you generally don’t expect to get physically assaulted. That, sadly, is exactly what happened to a two-year-old girl during a screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in Long Island, New York.

A 25-year-old woman named Keri Karman allegedly dumped her popcorn—which apparently cost almost nine dollars—on the aforementioned kid, who she did not know. She then proceeded to hit the kid with the popcorn container.

Keri was at the theater, located in Levittown, with her father Charles.

Image Source: Nassau County Police Department

So why did Keri hit the kid? Well, it all started because the little girl named Harley asked her mother for popcorn. This occurred on the 2nd of January during the 4 PM showing of the movie.

According to Celia Riggs, the mother, all the little girl said was “popcorn”—the child didn’t even speak a full sentence.

Image Source: Cella Riggs/Facebook

Riggs stated that she ran out of the theater with her daughter because the child was crying, and all Riggs wanted to do was get her daughter “out to safety”.

Image Source: Cella Riggs/Facebook

While the incident occurred in early January, it wasn’t until last Friday that Keri and Charles were charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Riggs used social media to help identify the pair. On January 3rd, she posted what happened on Facebook. She explained that her 2-year-old daughter was assaulted while sitting by her side, adding that the police were involved—but the person who assaulted her daughter got away. She asked people with information to contact her as soon as possible, and referred to the woman who assaulted her daughter as a “lunatic”. The post ended with #justiceforHarley”.

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Image Source: Cella Riggs/Facebook

In this case, it looks like justice will likely be served. Keri has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, and her father has also been charged because he did not do anything to stop the unfortunate incident when it was happening.

During the incident, Keri allegedly started cussing at the 28-year-old mother of little Harley after Keri told Harley to be quiet. Keri then put her hand around the girl’s mouth, dumped her popcorn on the girl’s head, and then used the container to hit Harley. Nassau County Police ended up becoming aware of the situation because Harley had to go to the doctor that very day—she was complaining of head pain.

Using surveillance footage and receipts, police were able to identify the Karmans, and they were eventually arrested.

Image Source: Cella Riggs/Facebook

It is not known at this time exactly what sort of sentence the Karmans can expect.

That said, child endangerment is a pretty serious crime, and the penalties—if found guilty—can be harsh. It is considered a class A misdemeanor in the state of New York. Those found guilty could serve up to one year in prison as well as end up on probation for up to three years.

What allegedly happened to little Harley is awful, but it isn’t the worst thing to ever happen in a movie theater—which is why so many people don’t even bother going to the movies any longer.

If you’ll recall, back in 2012 during a midnight screening of the Batman movie The Dark Night Rises in the state of Colorado, a man named James Holmes entered a theater and opened fire on the audience. He did so after he detonated tear gas canisters. Twelve died in the attack, and 70 were injured. One victim, Veronica, was only six years of age at the time of her death.

Other incidents that have occurred in movie theaters include stabbings and suicides. There have been several other shooting incidents in addition to the one that happened in Aurora, Colorado.

Consider staying home. Most of the really good movies end up being aired on television eventually anyway.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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