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A Woman Shared Details About Her Worst Tinder Date Ever

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A lot has changed in the past couple of decades! Our lives changed in every possible aspect, and it seems that the different trends and ways of things happening now are sometimes too much to handle. Think about it; an old-fashioned man would be puzzled by the things he would need to put up with if someone fast-forwarded time for just a couple of years ahead. The old ways are more or less gone thanks to technology! It reshaped everything in our daily routines, our relationships, our health and pretty much everything you could think of! This is especially true when it comes to dating! The old ways of setting up a date with someone are long gone! We have dating apps now and one of the most popular ones is Tinder. However, it has some perks that need to be taken into consideration. You are to see just how bad a Tinder date might be! Scroll down and enjoy the list!

1. This is the woman whose friend had the bad experience

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This is the person who shared the funny story about the Tinder date. Well, it is funny only from one point of view. Stories like this really make us wonder if we should install such apps at all! You never know who you are going to run into! Sometimes it is best to play it safe and don’t bother.

2. Who would expect such a thing, right?

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When you talk or chat with a friend who is about to tell you a story about a date, you expect something romantic or at least pleasant! Nobody expects to hear that it ended up to be a complete and utter disaster but it apparently happens sometimes.

3. Here is how the story goes

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At first everything about the date seemed normal. The girl thought that she was about to see a nice guy and he even said that he will take her to a special place. They agreed that she will have a black dress on to make things extra romantic.

4. Soon the girl noticed something strange

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When the two of them chatted for a while in the man’s car, everything seemed to be going just fine but then he turned the car and soon the girl realized they were going to a really weird place. She knew something was not right.

5. The sign said it all

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Soon enough, it turned out that she was right. They really went to the worst possible place. She could not believe her eyes but there was a sign that left no doubt about where the two went. The sign said ‘Crematorium’! This is more than weird!

6. The girl could hardly believe her eyes

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The girl refused to believe that such a thing was happening at all. This is why she decided to ask him why he pulled over. She asked if the car ran out if gas but he calmly replied that he actually brought her there on purpose.

7. The man seemed to be okay with the whole thing

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After the girl was obviously shocked by the whole thing and the location he brought her to, the man simply replied that if he shared the plan, she wouldn’t have come. Well, nobody would, actually! Who would agree to go to a crematorium on a first date?

8. The girl finally realized where they were going

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After just a few seconds it finally became clear that they were attending a funeral! This was probably kind of relieving for her because you can imagine that she was probably scared because she had no way out of the situation.

9. She actually decided to stay

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At this point the girl knew that she had to make a choice. Of course, nobody was going to force her to stay, but she saw how everyone mourned and she felt she could not leave just like that despite the awkward situation. Her friend could not believe that she actually stayed there. We have no idea if this was the right thing to do but it surely seems that way.

10. The girl thought that she did right

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It seems that she already knew that she had no real choice. Of course, she had the chance to walk out and call a cab or an Uber, but she thought that it would be a weird thing to do. She definitely felt like she did not belong in that situation and she was right!

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11. She decided to make the most of it

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Apparently the girl was thoughtful enough to keep the guy company throughout the whole service. We guess that most people in her situation would probably leave in a heartbeat but she showed compassion towards someone she barely knew. She even made her date take her home after the whole thing was over.

12. Her friend was in disbelief

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If someone told this story to us, we would hardly believe it, too! It sounds like the scenario of a bad movie scene that had to be cut off but someone decided to leave it anyway. Can you imagine that he was actually sobbing and holding her hand on the way back! Who invites a Tinder date to their grandma’s funeral an acts like that? We guess that it felt creepy at a certain point.

13. She seemed to be glad that everyone hardly noticed her

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The people who attended the funeral and especially her date’s family paid little to no attention to her which was quite normal as they were devastated by their loss. The closest relatives seemed to be taking it extremely hard and the girl thought that her date’s mom was probably on medication.

14. The story kept revealing

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The girl eventually found out that her date was misfortunate enough not only to lose his grandmother, but he was also dumped by his girlfriend just a few weeks before that. All he wanted was to fill in that position and decided to bring a Tinder date with him. This is not right and though we understand his motives, he did not do the right thing.

15. People who saw the story online decided to comment on it

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This person noticed something we also noticed in the beginning of the story. The man’s requirement about the black dress was kind of romantic if you have ballroom dancing in mind, but the specific color requested suggested something else. The girl should have thought about that detail but she accepted it as a romantic thing because she was going on a date after all.

16. This user had a brutally honest thing to say

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It appears that this person was really disappointed by men and by the things they are capable of. This speaks of a probable personal past experience. She even used the old saying ‘lowest of lows’ to describe what this Tinder date did with the girl. We agree with that because she was used! Some people take funerals hard and this man was lucky that his date came along and even stayed with him.

17. This person even related to the girl’s bad luck

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It seems that people relate fairly easy to other people’s drama! This person probably realized that her luck with men is no better and she stated that this was probably something to expect herself. We hope that nobody gets to experience such a thing ever again.

18. One girl wondered if there could actually be a worse first date

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It really seems that there couldn’t possibly be a worse first date scenario but you can never know for sure! People these days are capable of literally anything and when it comes to dating for the first time after some chat online, you should always have a second thought about a potential unexpected situation.

19. This person had the same idea like we did

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As we already mentioned, the whole story was just like it was taken from the scenario of a low-budget movie. We guess that if a professional writer gets his hands on this story, it could be developed to be a movie worthy of going to the cinema for.

20. Some users praised the girl for her reaction

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We share this opinion and we really believe that this girl is an exceptionally good person! She actually helped a complete stranger overcome a hard moment, despite the fact that she was literally dragged in this situation without her even knowing what she was getting herself into. We salute her for her bravery!

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