A Woman’s Nightmare Became True When Her Lip Tattoo Turned Green After Cosmetic Surgery

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We have all heard stories about disastrous cosmetic procedures. Sometimes the damage done is almost irreversible, and in other cases it is just a huge disappointment. When it comes to a person’s appearance, all mistakes are frustrating.

Imagine that you have traveled thousands of miles hoping that you get the best treatment and result possible, and instead you end up experiencing a nightmare? One woman from Victoria lived through that scenario and this is her story.

Karine Barry is a 50-year-old woman from Australia, and she is just one of thousands that went overseas in search of high quality procedures but suffered from the incompetence of some pseudo cosmetic specialist instead.

Ms. Barry wanted a tattoo (permanent) on her lips and she decided to travel to Tahiti to get one. She was willing to go all the way to the small island in the South Pacific because she thought that the Polynesian tattoo artists are known to be the best ones in the world.

However, despite her hopes and dreams, the whole procedure went completely wrong and resulted in her lips turning green, making her to look ‘like a clown’, as she described it.

Ms. Barry had her doubts moments before she got the tattoo, because she saw how the tattoo artist mixed green, blue and just a dash of pink. She figured that it was probably the right mixture, even though it seemed odd. After all, she had no idea how it actually works, so she simply trusted the guy. A little later she saw the end result and immediately panicked, because the tattoo was bright green.  The tattoo artist explained that it would eventually turn to a nice burgundy shade and she had nothing to worry about. She felt a bit more relieved after that and decided to wait for a while. Three months after the procedure, the area around her lips still had a thin green line. The color turned out to be so intense that even make up and lipstick could not cover it completely.

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The woman had enough of that situation and she decided to visit a clinic where they offered a laser procedure for removing permanent tattoos. She had a total of four sessions which cost a total of $1,600 but most of the ink was gone after the first session. Ms. Barry was so happy and relieved that she wanted to hug everybody in the clinic. After the other three procedures were over, all that was left from the tattoo were a few needle marks which are hardly noticeable. We can imagine how that feels after months of feeling embarrassed in public.

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Dr. Philip Bekhor, a laser dermatology specialist, says that there are a lot of people that are disappointed with how their permanent tattoos turn out and that is why he suggests that if you want such a procedure on yourself, be careful and research thoroughly before trusting someone to do it. When it comes to lip liner permanent tattoos, the most common mistake is that the upper lip is lined so high that it looks unnatural. According to the specialist, this is done because as people age, their lip volume decreases and tattooist would often try to compensate that with raising the upper lip line in an attempt to make it look bigger. The problem is that the desired effect in such cases could be achieved by adding filler, and the tattoo is not enough.

Dr. Bekhor added that he often sees bad color choices that might have been the right shade when applied, but after fading away they often turn out looking funny. But in all cases it is better to correct the situation with a laser procedure rather than having a second tattoo on top of the first one, which cannot be corrected if white or flesh ink had been applied.  He says that a second tattoo is the worst mistake that could be made.

Ms. Barry is certain that she will never get another lip liner tattoo. She has been getting tattoos through most of her life and the semi-permanent tattoos on her had always faded away fast, but her last experience was enough to quit putting ink on her body. She certainly is at least a little traumatized after this nightmare and she is now using only make up to achieve the nice burgundy effect she wanted initially.

If you decide to undergo a cosmetic procedure, please be advised and do your research, because trusting the wrong person could result in an even bigger disaster.

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