According to Christoffer van Tulleken British people have the worst teeth on Earth

Image Source: METRO

British people have the worst teeth on the planet!
Have you ever wondered which nation takes the first place in the worst teeth on Earth chart? Wonder no more, here’s your answer.

Image Source: METRO

Christoffer van Tulleken, a British TV personality and doctor for infectious diseases, recently revealed that British people can easily take the gold medal in the world’s worst teeth chart. According to Dr. van Tulleken, Brits have the worst teeth on our planet – brown, chipped and decaying. The 36 year old doctor stated that British people not only have “really lousy teeth”, but because of their bad teeth they are also tolerant to other people’s problematic teeth. Or in other words, they don’t care how their pearly not-so-whites look, and they don’t care about the condition of other people’s teeth.

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The doctor stated that although people in America have high standards for dental hygiene and having healthy and nicely looking teeth is considered a social norm, Brits aren’t really bothered by their bad teeth. He was also explicit about the fact that British people need to stop eating so much sweets and start brushing their teeth more frequently for their own good.

On the other hand, even average Americans care about their dental hygiene and if their teeth are white and healthy. Those, who don’t have the financial freedom to get teeth whitening procedures and dental surgeries like their idolized celebrities do, have to rely on other methods just so they can look more presentable in the public. These teeth whitening methods may vary from whitening pens and gels to filing down the actual enamel of one’s teeth. Some people even opt for more extreme measures like ceramic teeth or dental facets – both of which are completely unnecessary if you have healthy, but yellow-ish teeth.

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