Adult Actress Yuri Luv, Aged 31, Was Found Dead In Her Apartment

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Yuri Luv, 31, (real name Yurizan Beltran), was found dead of what is believed to be a drug overdose in her California apartment. A former colleague by the name of Nickey Milo told reporters that there were pills near her on the bed.

Upon hearing the news, several of Yuri’s colleagues offered their condolences on Twitter. Actress Lauren Sanchez, wrote that she was praying that her death were fake news.

Jen peters, a former Penthouse writer said she was absolutely heartbroken by the death of Yurizan Beltran. She recalled that Yuri was always keeping in touch and encouraging her, even after she left Penthouse. “She was one of the sweetest women I’ve known” she added.

In a statement to Xbiz, Dan Hogue, who is the DBD for PornStar Platinum said the entire network was in mourning after hearing the sad news that she was found dead and the whole team will miss her.

Dan is the one who Verified the death to the public. He stated that it’s really heavy writing this and the entire PP family was in mourning upon hearing about their great loss.

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In July, Luv tweeted a quote about death. It said, “I hope to arrive at my death late, in love and a little drunk.”

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Luv got her start in the industry when she appeared on the cover of Lowrider magazine at the age of 18.

After the magazine work, Luv made her debut, filming over 200 titles. She starred in a adult spoof of the Kardashians, playing Kourtney.

Her ambitions went beyond starring in films, and she had established her own adult website.

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The adult film star was also a lover of animals and somewhat of a foodie, posting pictures of her dog, a white poodle named Roxy and an English bulldog named Big Mac on Instagram as well as delicious goodies such as flaming hot Cheetos fried chicken and pho. Most people don’t think of adult film stars doing regular things, but at the end of the day, they are normal people.

Condolences to all of the family, friends and fans of this young lady, gone too soon.

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A couple days ago August Ames took her own life on December 5th after facing some pretty harsh online backlash when she refused to film with an actor who does Man2Man adult movies. She insisted it was nothing personal, but a safety issue because the testing process is different with straight films. She was only 23 years old.

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