After 300 Games Of ‘Words With Friends’ They Finally Met And Became Good Friends

Playing games on the internet is something most of us do. Whether it be Angry Birds, Wheel of Fortune, or the latest virtual restaurant, it is a way that many of us pass the time when we are bored. It is also a great way to keep up with friends, as most of the games have a chat feature. Sometimes, new friends are even made.

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Word With Friends is a popular, scrabble like, game that is played by many. I’ve been playing since 2011, myself. In the game, you can challenge your friends from Facebook, or you can let the game choose random opponents for you. They try to match you with people of similar skill so the games will be exciting and challenging. In my experience, the chat is for congratulations on a high scoring word, or to lamt getting dealt too few vowels. Although I have chatted and become friendly with a few of my random opponents, I’ve not had an experience quite like the one I’m about to tell you.


A young rapper from New York and an 81 year old woman from Florida became close during 300 games of Words with Friends. Rosalind Guttman used the word phat, which is pretty much slang for excellent or highly attractive. Most people don’t use it anymore at all. 22 year old Spencer Sleyon was impressed that she knew it and asked her about it, which started regular chatting between the two, and a friendship blossomed between the pair.

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Spencer is an aspiring young rapper and record producer and Rosalind is your typical Florida retiree. You really could not conjure up a more unlikely twosome. That is the beauty of the game, or just the internet in general. I consider many of my online friends my best. So far, I have met two of them and I plan to meet many more, eventually. Isn’t technology wonderful?

They played 300 games together over the next year and got so close that the decided to meet in person. Spencer traveled 1000 miles to meet his friend. He posted photos of their meeting to his social media and the post quickly went viral. Who doesn’t love a story about a pair of unlikely friends? They have proven that age, race, gender nor background should dictate who can become friends.

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At one point, Spencer quit the game for a bit, but made sure to speak to Rosalind ahead of time to ask for a bit of wisdom. She encouraged him to go for all of his dreams. The meeting took place after a pastor, who was the mother of one of Spencer’s friends, overheard him talking about it and thought it would make a good sermon. She had Spencer put her in touch with Huffman and eventually came up with the idea to bring the pals together in real life.

In these times, with so much negativity and division everywhere we look, isn’t it nice to see such a heartwarming tale? My faith in humanity is boosted for sure.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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