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After Using Mobile Application To Catch His Wife Cheating, Husband Might End Up In Jail

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Just in case you ever thought about tracking someone down, and taking video of them cheating on you, don’t. You might end up facing jail time for it.

That’s what happened to Sean Donis, 37, of New York.

Sean works as a florist and he has recently been through one heck of an ordeal. One that has turned his life upside down and broken his family, but hopefully not his spirit.

On a night that started out innocently enough, he ended up making a horrible discovery and might have broken a law or two in the process.

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Sean was home with his young son one evening when the boy realized he couldn’t find his iPad. After searching the house, Donis then utilized the find my iPhone app to try to locate the device for the boy.

Find my iPhone is an app that can be used to track down Apple products such as iPhones, iPods, and iPads. It will lead you to the exact location of any misplaced or stolen device.

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Sean’s wife, Nancy, had asked him to stay home and care for their boy so she could meet friends for dinner in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

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When the app showed the device was located on the route to Rockland County, New York instead, his long time suspicions were confirmed.

Donis thought that his wife might have been having an affair with her boss for some time. She was the bookkeeper at an orthodontic practice where he, Albert Lopez, was the CEO.

He relayed that she has lost weight recently, and made sure to get extra pretty before going to work. This made Sean nervous that his wife was being unfaithful.

He also said that she became quite protective of her phone. If he went near it, she became nervous and would order him to leave her phone alone. He drove to the location of the iPad and entered the home. What he found hurt him to his core, even though he already expected it.

He recorded his entry into the master bedroom of the home. In the first video, just seven seconds long, he found Nancy, naked and on top of her boss. She quickly got off and they attempted to cover their nakedness. His voice can be heard in the video saying “wow.” Nancy got out of the bed just as Sean lost the grip on his phone and it fell to the floor.

The second video was taken after he gathered himself. In it, for 35 seconds, you can hear him admonishing the adulterous pair. He hollers that it’s all on video, and expresses his disbelief at what he just found. Nancy is begging him to please stop recording her, insisting that she got it. Because he admitted that he entered the home, through the unlocked front door, without permission, he might end up receiving jail time.

The couple have since dissolved their marriage of six years. This past July, he did end up being indicted on charges of felony burglary and unlawful surveillance. He said to the New York Post that it feels as if he’s being punished two times for Nancy’s choice to commit adultery.

He was now facing 15 years in prison over this horrible discovery. His lawyer, Howard Greenberg, said to the jury that Sean Donis ‘deserves a medal’ for what he did. He continued that he believed that Sean would be fully exonerated.

He also claims that in any other court of law, this is merely a violation, certainly not a felonious crime. He discovered an evil of his wife cheating on him. Greenberg feels certain that Donis has nothing to worry about. He believes that there isn’t a jury that will convict him of these crimes after what he’s been through.

Maybe the jury will decide that he has been punished enough.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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