Anime-Faced Chinese Model Will Scare You Big Time!

There is a strange fashion trend among Chinese teenagers and you could call it a real life cartoon. In attempt to achieve a resemblance with the favourite cartoon character, young people do some really crazy things.


It started with a girl named Koko who posted her new look in social media sites. You can see on the photo that she is thin as a reed, and her face is almost triangle shaped. Her eyes are enhanced with special make-up techniques. And there are rumours, that Photoshop has a big part in her photos.

Tina Leopard is a model who turned out to be such a devotee, too. Her photo appeared in the Chinese variant of Twitter – Sina Weibo, and got totally diverse opinions about her pointy chin and really big eyes. Some called her ‘alien’, but others really loved the way she looks. The rumours for plastic surgery are still to be proven.

But the real question here is – is this a charming or is it a peculiar outlook?



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