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Did You Know That A Disappearing Text App Would Prevent Cheaters From….

Probably many people including certain celebrities such as Kristen Stewart and Tiger Woods, for example, would wish an app like this was available before. ‘Confide’ is a recently launched phone app that make messages “self destruct” after

Did You Know That A Man Was Deemed An Unfit Parent After He Refused To Take His Son To…

Living in a world where obesity is becoming a strong factor in our lives, McDonald’s, KFC and other fast food restaurants are the guilty pleasure which many of us can’t resist. However, when it comes to children

Did You Know That The Oldest Father In The World Has Welcomed His Second Son At The Age Of….

An old man from the city of Haryana situated 35 miles out of Delhi, India achieved something that very few deem possible. The 96-year-old Ramjeet Raghav and his beloved wife Shakuntala, who is approximately half his age,

Did You Know That A Family Is Forced To Cover Their Windows And Doors To Protect The Girl Who….

10-year-old Megan Hume is just an ordinary child who loves to go out and play with her friends all day long. Unfortunately, several months ago she developed an extreme and sudden allergic reaction not just to sunlight

Did You Know That Divers Found A Man Alive After Spending 60 Hours In A Sunken ….

In late May this year around 20 miles off the coast of Delta State in Southern Nigeria a tugboat with 12 people on board that were working on an oil platform experienced difficulties. Later it capsized and

Did You Know That A Prisoner On The Run Is Taunting Police With…

Michael McInnes, 23 from Glasgow, Scotland was jailed in 2010 for assault. Due to his previous convictions for different offences McInnes was given 6 years in prison as he was deemed likely to re-offend. Within three years

Did You Know That An Anonymous Do-Gooder Returned A Teenager’s Wallet With Some Added Cash And…

Cristhian Reyes was attending a baseball game in Florida when he lost his wallet. The teenager was so excited for the season opening and watching his favorite team, the Miami Marlins, that he somehow lost his wallet.