Boy Gets Stuck In An Elevator After Urinating On The Control Buttons

Image Source: YouTube / Crazy China Videos

Damaging other people’s property is never a good idea, regardless of whether or not you have a reason for doing it. As teenagers, many of us had our unfortunate, regrettable moments—breaking a window or kicking down an old wooden fence, for example.

But if you decide to act all tough or purposely cause damage, you should probably think about how, when, and where you should do it; last but not least—you should consider the possible consequences to your personal safety.

What you are about to see is the perfect example of why one should not vandalize private property, and at the same time it serves as an excellent example of instant karma.

In the video below, you will see a boy who got what he was asking for in a prank gone totally wrong. It is a good thing that there were CCTV cameras installed at the spot, enabling us to witness and enjoy the whole thing.

This kid from Chongqing, a city located in south-west China, apparently decided to proceed with the irrational idea of peeing on the electrical dashboard where the control buttons for the elevator are.
The unidentified teen prankster pulled the stunt on Friday (February 23rd). He simply went inside the elevator, urinated all over the control panel, and pulled his zipper up; all that was left for him to do was to get out. But that was easier said than done.

Image Source: YouTube / Crazy China Videos

When the elevator reached the floor he was going to step out on, the doors opened slightly and then shut quickly, causing sheer panic in the vandal.

He started jumping around and looked like he totally lost his mind. He immediately and frantically began pressing all of the buttons that he just peed on, but they started flashing as if they were damaged by what he had just done.

Apparently, they were actually damaged—the elevator cabin went completely dark. He must have deeply regretted the thing he had just done and probably felt pretty bad for himself, but sometimes in life you get exactly what you deserve, and this prankster got what was coming to him.

Check out the video below and enjoy. We are sure that you will probably watch it at least a couple of times. We know we did, and it was worth it.

The boy was reportedly rescued later by the maintenance staff of the building and he was not hurt, with the possible exception of his pride being hurt. He was surely as embarrassed as a person could possibly be.

Upon his rescue, the staff had no idea that the incident with the lift was his fault, but when they watched the CCTV footage, it all became clear.

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The video received many different reactions. While many people just laughed at the idiotic actions of the teen, others blamed his parents for failing to raise him in an appropriate way—one which would not allow for such a ridiculous act to even cross his mind. Some of the comments even stated that he should definitely cover the damage he caused.

Image Source: YouTube / Crazy China Videos

However, the boy was lucky, because the elevator did not plummet to the bottom of the shaft. Although there are safety precautions, there is always a slight possibility of such a scenario. If that had happened, he would have had to quickly spread his bodyweight in such a way to avoid being hurt during the hypothetical impact.

Image Source: YouTube / Crazy China Videos

Studies suggest that if an elevator starts falling uncontrollably, the best chance to survive in such a situation is to lie down and spread your limbs as wide as possible. This could actually be very difficult if the elevator picks up speed during the free fall down, because you would feel weightless, but it is still the only chance of staying alive.

There is a very curious case of such an incredible survival. A pilot crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945, and a woman inside the building was told to get in the elevator in order to escape, but the pulling ropes of the elevator snapped, sending her 75 floors down. The fact that she survived boggled the minds of many scientists, who eventually concluded that the survival was due to the design of the shaft—it was very narrow, so while the lift fell down, the air underneath actually acted like a cushion. Another reason was the fact that there were cables piled on the bottom of the shaft, so they had played the role of a spring.

The bottom line in regard to the story of the Chinese vandal is that if want to avoid being stuck in an elevator, you should probably not piss all over the controls. Lesson learned.

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