Burger King is offering black Whoppers for Halloween – but there’s a catch!

The fast food chain Burger King is offering a new holiday specialty in their menu – black colored Whoppers for Halloween. However, there’s one catch and it’s a bit pricey for a Whopper sandwich.

Image Source: Burger King
Image Source: Burger King

Earlier this July Burger King introduced their new specialty – the Red Samurai Chicken Burger, which indeed had red colored bread buns. It also came with red tomatoes, red cheese and red sauce consisting of a hot pepper and miso mix. It was introduced in Japan only and now the US franchises of the chain have decided to strike back with a colorful offer on their own – a black Whopper for the upcoming Halloween holidays.

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Burger King will be serving their classic Whopper sandwiches, but the bread buns will be colored in black to add some more character to the spooky decorations the chain will be putting for Halloween. However, before you get all excited about this, you should know that there’s a catch. If you happen to live outside the US or you happen to be spending Halloween in some other country, you will have to pay a hefty price in order to get the Whopper. Since the black Whoppers won’t be presented in Burger King restaurants anywhere else, but the US, you will have to spend some cash on a plane ticket in order to get your hands on one such black burger.

On the other hand, the promotional pictures don’t look nearly as tasty as the ones with the standard Whopper, so it might not be worth the expensive price tag of a plane ticket. Another Halloween specialty the fast food chain will be launching for Halloween are the new Pumpkin Spice Oreo Shakes that surely sound more appealing than the black colored Whopper burgers, don’t they?

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