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Did you know that Scientists may have solved the Bermuda Triangle ….

A bunch of scientists might have finally found a solution to the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle disappearances and supernatural-like occurrences. The Bermuda Triangle is something many sailors have dreaded for decades and the reason why so

18 of the MOST DANGEROUS foods according to Greenpeace

Check out Greenpeace’s 18 black-listed food products below! Ever since it was found in 1971 in Vancouver, Canada, the global environmental organization has been aiming at improving our living conditions and preserving our nature. By focusing on

If you think aliens exist, you’re not the only one!

A new study reveals that you’re not crazy if you think aliens exist, since apparently you’re not he only one. In fact, you’ll be surprised by how many people believe in the existence of UFOs!

Did you know that on Mars has been spotted something that looks like a…

A Mars rover has spotted something that looks like a “floating spoon” on the Red Planet. Over the past few years many things have been spotted on Mars. From strangely looking alien-like shapes to ghostly figures, which

Did you know that junk food makes you fat, because it kills off the…

We all know junk food is unhealthy for us. Apart from making us fat, it also does a series of nasty things to our organisms. But did you know that it actually makes us fat because it

Did you know that Neptune has the strongest winds in the…

Neptune’s winds are blowing with 2,100kmph, making it the planet with the strongest winds in the entire Solar System! Neptune is known for many things. It’s known as one of the biggest planets in our Solar System,

Did you know that there was a pregnant woman whose body rejected her unborn…

This woman’s body has rejected her own flesh and blood – her own unborn babies! It’s usual for our body to reject unsuitable organs from donors or blood from different blood type than ours. However, this woman’s