Couple Discovers That They Have Crossed Paths Before From Childhood Photo

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When we are young, we all watch fairy tales and read stories of couples who are meant to be. Whose stories intertwine in some way, long before they ever meet. Sometimes they say it’s written in the stars, sometimes credit is given to destiny, or carefully orchestrated through some other means. But what if things like that happened in real life? What if your future has already been in your presence, and you didn’t even know it?

That is exactly what happened to this couple in Kosovo, when they discovered they had literally been just a few feet from each other when they were children.

A couple has discovered that they had crossed paths as children and there is photographic proof of it. I have heard stories like this before, and they always make me wonder how often it happens that isn’t discovered. This definitely goes to prove the old saying “it’s a small world”.

The woman, Verona Kolqui, is originally from Kosovo, but resides in London. Her fiancé, Mirand Buzaku is from Kosovo. Their families just happened to be vacationing at the same beach in Montenegro more than a decade earlier.

Verona was sent the photo by her cousin after she found it on her computer. She then showed it to Mirand, and laughed about how much of a tomboy she was back then. Then he noticed that the kid in the background was wearing an outfit that looked an awful lot like one he had as a child, and the float looked familiar, too.

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Upon further scrutiny, he was convinced that it was him essentially photobombing his future bride long before he ever knew her. The whole scenario seemed familiar to him. The outfit, the float and even the way he remembered just hanging about in a float like that. Upon a little questioning of family members, it was confirmed that both families were indeed on that beach on the same day so long ago. Amazing coincidence, right?

Whether or not you believe in things like fate or destiny, stories such as this make you wonder if the universe doesn’t have a hand in things.

I have met two people in my lifetime and found out that we had lived overseas, in Germany, at the same time, and even attended the same school. Yearbooks confirmed that we had to have at least passed each other in the hallways, and probably played against each other in kickball a time or two. Neither ended up as my fiance’, but it’s still pretty cool.

This couple met in Kosovo, and a year later they are engaged to be married. Their childhood selves already immortalized in a photo long ago, before they had ever laid eyes on each other. It’s got the romantic feel of a great chick flick, doesn’t it?

Although she still lives in the UK, she says that when she returned to Kosovo in 2016, their paths crossed. She describes that for a little while, they exchanged looks but nobody made a move. She finally went for it by liking one of his Instagram posts. A year later, at a resort in Turkey, he got down on one knee to propose.

Verona said she has heard it said that we all pass our soulmate at least once in life before actually getting together, but she never thought something like this would ever happen to her.

These two lovebirds will forever have a great story to tell. Theirs has been shared thousands of times so far and it has inspired others to tell their stories as well. These are the kind of feel good stories that I love to see. Dont you wonder if you’ll someday meet anyone else who just missed knowing you in the past?

I hope Verona and Mirand have a lifetime of fun and happiness and a marriage that stands the test of time. It certainly seems as if their paths were meant to cross.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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