Did you know that 200 strangers responded to invitation for Funeral Of Veteran With…


Rodney ‘Vic’ Silvester served the HMS Dolphin and lost his battle with cancer at the age of 67. He had only a handful of living relatives to honor him at his funeral, so the Woodland Court residential care home helped spread the word via Facebook. The British Legion and the Submariners’ Association also helped in gathering about 200 strangers for Silvester’s funeral.

Since Silverster became withdrawn from people with time, the care home had to put on a struggle in order to contact his living relatives. They wanted to give him a proper funeral, so they had to come up with something else. The staff people at his care home put the word on the social media website. Thanks to Facebook and the kindness of people’s hearts, the Navy veteran was given a packed funeral ceremony and was honored in the proper manner.
His coffin was draped with a Union Flag and a bugler played throughout the burial ceremony. Silverter’s remains were buried in the Fareham Cemetery as the coffin was being followed by the mass of strangers.



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