Did you know that 4 kids in Panama, saw a strange creature at an entrance of a cave. They…

In September 2009 the Panama media raised a hullabaloo about a creature, known as Panama ET, Blue Hill Horror and Panama Creature. Photographs of the supposed monster showed up everywhere and the media speculated that the creature was an alien, a hairless sloth, or a creature whose existence was previously unknown to science.


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It all started when a group of adolescent boys in their early teenage years were playing near a cave in Cerro Azul, Panama. They saw a strange and repulsive creature nearby and got scared, attacking the creature and beating it to death with stones and sticks. The story about the Panama Creature and the revealing photographs exploded on the news and threw people into utter fear. The creature’s head appeared to be animal-like, but its torso, legs and arms were pictured as a hideous deformation of the human’s ones.

After the autopsy it became clear the monster was in fact no monster at all, and no alien for that matter. Scientists concluded the Panama ET was a decomposing male hairless sloth. After the pitiful creature’s origin was revealed, the National Environmental Authority of Panama buried its remains.



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