Did You Know That 61 Year Old Farmer Won 544 Mile…

The story of a 61-year old Cliff Young is an amazing one, because it is a proof that age does not have to be an obstacle when you want to achieve something.


In 1983, Young decided to take part in Australia’s Sydney-Melbourne endurance race (544 miles). When he showed up at the race, the crowd, who had believd him to be a spectator, watched in surprise as he got his race number and went to take his place next to the other runners.

No one took the old farmer, in his work boots and overalls, seriously. However, he shocked them all as he told of his plan to be the first one to cross the finish line. And he really did it. His tactic was to run even during the night, when the other athletes were sleeping. Every night he was closer to the finish and finally won the race.

This tactics, later known as ‘Young-shuffle’ was considered as more energy efficient so many modern athletes adopted it. Races have become more demanding, so now runners need to go through the whole night, as well as during the day, just like Cliff Young did.



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