Did You Know That A 6-year-old Boy Learned To Drive From GTA And Took His Parents’ Car To…

A 6-year old boy, whose name was not released, tried to take things into his hands, because he did not want to be late for school. After missing the bus, he just took the keys for the family car, while his mother was sleeping, got into it and drove off.


He made a few turns, passed a few cars but about a mile and a half away from the school, he hit an embankment and a utility pole. Even after the crash, the boy got out of the car and continued his way to the school on foot. He was so eager to get there as he did not want to miss breakfast and PE.

He was taken by the state police to the local hospital for treatment; however he just had some minor injuries and a bump on his head. He told the police that he had learned how to drive a car from Grand Theft Auto and Monster Truck Jam video games.

The boy and his four year old brother were put under custody as their parents were charged with child endangerment.



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