Did you know that a baby girl was born with no hands or…

When Laresha Wells gave birth to her daughter Deaviona in 2011, the whole world was baffled. The baby girl was born with no hands or feet.

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Photo for illustration purposes only.

According to the mother, she never used any tobacco or alcohol during the pregnancy. She also had three other children who were born with absolutely no disabilities and were quite healthy. Wells also states that nobody in her family had history with congenital deformities. Furthermore, she’s sure that Deaviona’s father line also never had a similar case. The doctors had no idea what could have caused this. There are many cases, similar to the little girl’s one, in which the doctors are simply unable to find the reason why babies are born with disabilities if their families have never experienced them.
The mother is hoping that her daughter can lead a normal life, but isn’t sure if her life insurance will be able to cover all the costs. Deavonia will need electronic arms and prosthetic feet. Wells told the press that even though her daughter breaks her heart countless times each day, she still loves her.



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