Did you know that a boy called 911 in order to complain about…

Mothers tend to be embarrassing. Even when they’re not telling baby stories or acting like we’re 5 years old in front of our friends and colleagues, they can still get on our nerves. Unfortunately, parents can’t quite grasp the fact that all children grow up at some point of their lives.
A 19 year old boy from Vero Beach, Florida, was extremely irritated in the way his mother was treating him. The woman probably hadn’t realized her little boy wasn’t so little anymore, but his actions proved quite the contrary – he still hasn’t grown brains and some common sense. According to reports, the 19 year old Vincent Valvo called 911 in order to report the way his mother was talking to him. As you well know, this is considered as abusing the emergency service line. But since Valvo didn’t get what he wanted, he called the line once again, just like a persistent baby. Police officers arrived at his home and arrested the allegedly tipsy teenager.

Shortly after he was released on a $500 bond which was probably paid by his mom.



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