Did You Know That A Boy Weighing 6lb 6oz Was Born During The 6th Hour Of 06/06/06 And…

On the “devilish” day of June 6th 2006 a British woman named Suzanne Cooper gave birth to her first baby boy in a hospital in Bristol. Mrs. Cooper is an avid fan of horror movies, so she really wanted her baby to be born exactly on the 6th of June 2006. Miraculously her wish came true. What is even more incredible is that her baby was born weighing exactly 6lb 6oz.

The 36-year-old woman from Bristol decided to name her baby boy Damien after the devil child in the horror movie “The Omen”. To make the birth of the “devil” baby even more eerily bizarre , the overjoyed mother was in labor for exactly 6 days. The father of the baby named Mike works as an electrical engineer and he is more thanĀ ecstatic for welcoming his newborn son to the world. Another eerie coincidence is that Damien arrived on the exact day the remake of the original “The Omen” movie from 1976 was released in the cinemas.



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