Did you know that A bride was left at the altar because the groom thought her make-up was…


You wouldn’t want to marry a 70 year old lady when your bride is a beautiful young woman, would you?

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

According to official reports, a young Chinese woman was left crying on the street after her groom jilted her at the altar because her make-up was horrifying. The woman in question was about to marry her fiancé. He had had a great number of girlfriends before her, so she decided to test him. The woman turned up with grey hair and make-up that transformed her appearance from that of a young bride-to-be into a woman of around 70. The shocked groom immediately told her to remove the heavy make-up. The woman reportedly told him that if he loved her, he would still want her when she looked old and wrinkled, so she refused to take off the layers of make-up. The groom then left her crying in the street in front of a crowd of people.
The video of the scandal and the devastated bride has gone viral on Chinese social media.


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