Did you know that a British couple married and discovered they are….

Two British twins, who were separated by birth and adopted by different parents, married each other and found they were related only after the wedding. Their identities remain a secret, but their startling story has raised many questions in the society.

If you wish to adopt, should you adopt multiple siblings? Should you keep the secret from the children or should you tell them the truth about their birth parents? What’s the ideal age to tell your child you’re not really his biological mommy or daddy? And if your child is donor-conceived, should you keep it a secret?

The twins’ marriage shocked Britain and defenders of human rights all over the world. The right to know the truth about your biological parents is a human right, because anything else means that more people could find themselves in the same situation as the twins.
The court has already granted an annulment to the marriage. The judge’s final say pointed that their matrimonial union had never legally, validly existed.



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