Did You Know That A British Man Runs Full Marathons With A Fridge…


Running a marathon is a pretty big achievement itself but the way Tony Phoenix-Morrison does it is something else. The 49-year-old man from South Tyneside, United Kingdom actually runs with a real refrigerator strapped to his back.

Photo: Tony the Fridge/Facebook
Photo: Tony the Fridge/Facebook

His reason for doing so is to capture everyone’s attention thus raising more money for his charity projects. Tony wanted a real challenge and that was how he came up with the fridge idea. It really worked as all the world got talking about the man carrying a 92 lbs. Fridge on his back while running a marathon. Tony was actually featured in the news in 17 different countries. The man explained that he has been into running ever since he was a little kid as it is his way of escaping his everyday problems. However, the huge refrigerator turns into a physically grueling task but Tony believes it is worth it as he has managed to raise a lot of money for the Bobby Robson Foundation which is leading a battle with cancer.


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