Did you know that a couple forgot their 3 year old kid at Chuck E Chees and didn’t realize until…

Can you imagine leaving your own child somewhere and completely forgetting about it until you see your lack of responsibility shown on the evening news?

A couple left behind their 3 year old daughter Harmony at a Chuck E Cheese restaurant in Bel Air, Maryland. Around 8 PM the girl approached the staff saying she was thirsty. After the restaurant manager couldn’t locate her parents, the sheriff’s deputies were alerted and they put Harmony’s picture on the evening newscast at 11 PM.

After the broadcast the sheriff’s office received numerous calls, including one from Harmony’s parents. Child Protective Services released the girl to her mother after the police determined her parents’ actions were inadvertent. The parents believed Harmony had gone home with family relatives. They were not charged and Harmony’s custody remained with them.
Harmony’s parents made a huge mistake, but the Harford County Sheriff’s Office probably made a bigger one by letting her stay with the careless couple.



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