Did you know that A couple found $10 million worth of coins buried in…

You’re probably stumbled upon countless stories about people finding hidden treasures all around the world. However, they probably didn’t find tons of coins worth $10 million just like this couple did.


An anonymous couple from Sierra Nevada, California, was on a walk with their dog back in 2013 when they came across a strange canister that was poking out of the dirt on their property. The couple dug out the rusty canister they stumbled upon and found out that it contained several discs with gold coins inside. Most of the coins had remained perfectly preserved and the shocked couple immediately continued digging in the same place they found the container. As it turned out, there were more coins buried in the ground. They managed to dig up a total of 1,427 gold coins, which were stored in 8 cans. Their face value was estimated to be $27, 980. However, since they were minted back in the second half of the 19th century, they had a greater value.

After they were restored they were estimated to be worth $10 million!



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