A Customer Sued McDonald’s For $1.5M After Giving Him Only One Napkin

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A man named Webster Lucas sued McDonald’s for $1.5 million for giving him just one napkin. Lucas was about to have a meal at a restaurant of the burger chain when he noticed that his table was incredibly dirty and there were food particles all over it. Being an immaculately clean person, the 59-year-old man wanted to wipe it but it turned out he was give only one napkin with his food.

Lucas asked the restaurant manager for more napkins but he assured him there were plenty in the bag with his meal. However, Lucas insisted he was given more napkins as his hands became really dirty. According to Lucas the manager, called Angel Arciga, then developed a really nasty attitude and started screaming at him and using curse words. The manager started yelling with the words “you people” and Lucas who is African-American assumed he’s being discriminated, because of his skin color.

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After the complaint and the filled civil lawsuit Lucas was offered free burgers in all McDonald’s restaurants, but that wasn’t enough for him. He wanted to show that everybody needs to be treated equally and it doesn’t matter if a person eats in cheap or expensive restaurant.

The victim’s allegations were confirmed by a friend of his who witnessed the entire scene. Lucas claims that the napkin debacle caused him “undue mental anguish” and hopes that his $1.5 million lawsuit would make McDonald’s treat their customers better.

The lawsuit was filled 3 years ago and unfortunately we couldn’t find information on how it ended, but most likely he was not able to win the court case.

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