Did you know that a drunken German driver took the wrong turn, entered a Subway station and…


Polizei Bochum/Pressestelle

A drunken driver ended up taking a wrong turn onto railway tracks in Bochum, Germany, blaming his mistake on tunnel vision. But he did not only make a mistake about the way – he kept on going on the subway rails, causing chaos when passing through an underground station.

He only stopped after driving right into the police officers who came to arrest him. He stated that his tunnel vision caused him to take a wrong turn and somehow end up in the underground network. Martin Huber, 27, followed the subway tram line till he hit the station. When he realized where he was, instead of turning back, the intoxicated driver just carried on. Soon the cops showed up and the handcuffs clicked.

The police officers made him take a breath test and found out that the levels were three times over the limit. The wasted Citroen driver was charged for drunken driving and got his license requisitioned. His car was dragged out of the subway with the help of a train. Luckily the trains had stopped moving for the night time, so a major catastrophe was avoided.



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