Did you know that a Dutch woman called her ex-boyfriend 65,000….

Some ex boy- and girlfriends can be quite annoying and in some cases it is really difficult and challenging to put an end to a relationship because your ex simply won’t leave you alone.


This was the case for a man who received 65,000 calls in a single year from his ex-girlfriend. Just imagine receiving 65,000 calls! This makes 200 calls per day and 11 calls per hour. This also means the poor guy got a phone call every five minutes.

The man filed a harassment complained and now his ex-girlfriend, a 42-year-old woman from The Hague, The Netherlands is being prosecuted. May be this lady should have read the book called ‘Don’t Call That Man!’ by Rhonda Findling which offers a great plan how to stop calling a guy. May be her problem was that the book wasn’t available in Dutch.

Be extra careful who you are dating because the consequences can be really terrible!



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