Did you know that a French woman spent 22 hours stuck in her…


Plenty of people are lost without their glasses, but a 78 year old French woman recently seemed to lose all common sense when she misplaced her specs.


Recent reports state that an unnamed 78 year old French woman was inspecting the flue connecting her chimney to her fireplace when she dropped her glasses somewhere in the chimney. After she failed to retrieve them, she got creative. The elderly woman climbed to the attic and looped some cable around her arms before descending into the chimney. Unfortunately for her, she got stuck in the chimney and spent 22 hours in there before her neighbors brought the police to her house. The police officers were able to finally free the old woman, but even they weren’t able to find her glasses.


According to Dumb as a Blog, the woman didn’t even thank them for saving her from her trap. Instead, she made a fuss about their sloppy work, since they had apparently made a mess while setting her free.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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