Did you know that a German woman cleared out a whole club after confusing a pepper spray with…


Earlier this month a young woman managed to clear out a whole nightclub in Germany after confusing a pepper spray with deodorant.


Official reports state that an unnamed 20 year old woman visited a nightclub in Germany. After the woman and her friend went to the ladies’ room to freshen up, the 20 year old went looking for a deodorant in her friend’s purse. When the woman grabbed the spray, she didn’t bother to check the label and sprayed herself with what she thought was a harmless deodorant. However, shortly after the two walked out of the bathroom the club’s staff was forced to evacuate everyone and to put an end to the party. It turned out the woman had mistakenly sprayed herself with her friend’s pepper spray, which had later spread throughout the whole club.


Fortunately, only two women were injured and they were immediately taken to a hospital. It’s still not clear if the woman will face any charges for her mistake.


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