Did you know that a ghostly shadow was caught on camera during a soccer…

Ghosts and supernatural beings have been caught on cameras for decades. And while most of them can be explained by simple physics or chemistry, some records remain a mystery. One such mysterious sighting has been bugging people ever since a recent soccer match in Bolivia.

One of the cameras filming the game caught a ghostly shadow, which stirred some uproar in the crowd. The shocked fans screamed as they witnessed what looks like a ghostlyfigure running through the stands. The video footage shows what appears to be the shadow of a person running between the soccer fans on the stands with superhuman speed. Some of the game attendees thought the La Paz’s Hernando Siles Stadium that hosted the match was being haunted. Others, who saw the footage later, were sure it was a simple camera malfunction.

Many people are trying to explain the unnatural sighting with a reasonable guess – the ghostly shadow was the shadow of a running soccer player, who was probably double-exposed on the camera. Or was there something paranormal happening?



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