Did You Know That A Groom-To-Be Failed To Book The Wedding Venue So Instead Of Admitting He Tried To…


Neil McArdle, 36 and Amy Williams from Liverpool, UK were supposed to get married in April, 2013. The couple were given the needed paperwork to fill in but, however, the husband-to-be failed to complete the forms and therefore the venue for the ceremony was not officially booked. The other problem was McArdle realized it on the very day when the wedding was supposed to be held. As he didn’t want to disappoint his future bride and admit his mistake, McArdle came up with another “solution” : he called the St. George’s Hall, where the ceremony should have been, from a payphone and told the receptionist there was a bomb in the building and it was about to explode in 45 minutes. The police was called and the building was evacuated immediately.

Not only everyone realized McArdle had failed to book the venue but the groom-to-be was also charged with communication false information with intent. McArdle is reportedly still waiting for his final sentence but there is a rather big chance he will be sent to prison.


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