Did you know that a guy scammed by an online scammer sent 30k texts…..

It is said that revenge is a dish best served cold.

A 24 year old British PlayStation fan was cheated by an Internet seller after trying to buy the PS3 game console for £80 ($133) on Gumtree. The 24 year old Edd Joseph from Bristol, UK, thought he was paying for his console, but he never received any goods from the Gumtree vendor. Fortunately, the angry Joseph had gotten the phone number of the Internet scammer, so he managed to get his revenge. The absolutely unsuspecting scammer received 22 Shakespeare plays via text messages on his phone – one by one. It turned out Joseph was able to just copy-paste the contents of each play automatically into texts instead of typing nights and days. His revenge got even sweater when the scammer had to receive 17,424 texts since the total word count in one text message is 160.

However, Joseph isn’t done just yet! He has 15 more plays to send, which means more than 11,000 texts more to go. And the best news is that Joseph doesn’t have to pay a dime for any of them!



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