Did you know that A hospital in China is putting men through the…

Some seriously brave men have agreed to undergo the newest program the Hangzhou Aima maternity hospital is offering.


The hospital, which is located in Shandong, China, teaches fathers-to-be how painful it is for a woman to give birth – the hard way. The brave soon-to-be fathers who are willing to undergo the procedure let a nurse strap a pad just above their abdomens and run an electric current through the pad. Some of the men weren’t brave enough to last the whole procedure (which goes on for a total of 5 minutes – much shorter than the process of giving birth); while others managed to go through the whole thing. Some volunteers described the experience as painful as if somebody was ripping out their lungs and heart.

The people behind the extravagant procedure claim that it’s intended to show men that women don’t have it easy when it comes to giving birth.



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