Did You Know That A Hypnotist Claims He Can Make You Believe In….


There are many different definitions of hypnosis that vary. Some believe it is a special cooperative interaction in which the participator follows subconsciously the instructions and commands of the hypnotist. Others just think more of it as a special technique used by psychologists to treat a variety of mental illnesses and relieve anxiety and stress.

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Hypnosis became well-known thanks to public acts in which participants were subconsciously manipulated to engage in some pretty ridiculous activities they would not normally do. Now there is a new hypnotizing video uploaded to YouTube that is all about the awakening of the Christmas spirit inside of you.

The video is designed to take you on a journey on a subliminal level that will trigger the happy feelings and memories of Christmas and make you believe in Santa Claus once again. The video is created by the advertising company Mr.President and the therapeutic session is led by the well-renowned hypnotist Jon Patrick.


During the Google Hangout session there are four people that are hypnotized into a state of Christmas belief and according to Jon Patrick anyone could be put in it. Although there is an important disclaimer that warns everyone about the potential side effects that the belief in Santa may bring, the video is a nice way to boost your Christmas spirit just before the holidays.



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